Bhutan Diaries (4)

So picking up from where I left off; I woke up early the next day and headed to the highway just outside of Wangdue. I set myself up just outside the Indian army base set up there hoping that some bus would squeeze me in somewhere.

Seven buses passed me by that morning. Not a single one had space for me. I was genuinely lost about what to do. I spent another two hours there on the road hoping to hitchhike with a truck, car anything! Nothing worked out.. I even made up my mind to head back to Wangdue and try my luck again the next day. Just as I was about to head back, this shared taxi come and stops next to me. There was a delegation of teachers heading back to Trongsa after a sabbatical. There were already 4 of them in the car, plus the driver, but they wholeheartedly agreed to squeeze me in and divide the costs of the trip. Best bloody luck ever! They were an extremely cheerful bunch, almost hippie-like to be honest. It was an eventful journey.

There were a few landslides along the way to Trongsa so when I finally reached, it was almost 9 in the evening. The teachers helped me get a dirt cheap room for Rs. 500 and then we all went out for dinner together at a nearby pub. I was genuinely sorry to part ways that night. I even took a picture of them leaving :/.


The next morning, I quickly nipped down to the Trongsa Dzong for a bit of side seeing and then was again hunting for a ride to the next town called Jakar. This time it was a little easier to find people to share a cab with and Jakar wasn’t that far away, plus no landslides along the way, so I managed to reach pretty early. The cabbie dropped me off at a small village called Chamkhar in the Jakar Valley.

Okay so bit of explanation before I go further: The Bhumthang district is in Central Bhutan and is composed of three major valleys. They are, the Jakar Valley, the Ura Valley and the Tang Valley. Jakar is the most populated and has the second largest airport in Bhutan.


This time I found this place called Zinthar Tshongkhang. The lady there gave me a 4 star room for 700 bucks a night! There were cheaper places for sure but this was an offer of a lifetime! It was off-season, and apparently that was the only reason I was getting such a good deal. I hadn’t stayed in a decent room for a whole week! I whiled away my time in Chamkar that day and did a bit of shopping, ate at a few local restaurants, chatted up a few locals and basically did a lot of tourist-y stuff.

It was a genuinely chill day. And Bhumthang is an extremely pretty place. I would seriously recommend anyone doing a tour of interior Bhutan, to just take a day or two here to simply relax and breathe in the place. For the first time in my entire trip the monsoon clouds had blown away and I could see the crisp natural beauty of the mountainside. I even walked down to the airport (which is actually more of an airfield) in the evening. It was across the river about 2 km away.


Just across the road, in a field, there was a bunch of young monks playing football after their evening prayers/meditation. I sat watching them till it was dark and I walked back to the village in the starlight..





My Bhutan trip till this point.