I’m an undergrad studying Aeronautical Engineering and pursuing jobs in the corporate sector. I’m a new adult who’s in that stage of his life where he has no idea about what he wants or what he should do in the future. Heavy irony there, but that’s how things are.

All I know is that I have a tremendous amount of fun travelling . Not enough to give up everything and pursue it unconditionally, no. I’m not at there yet, though maybe someday. I have traveled a lot more than most people at my age, courtesy of my parents who are travel-happy themselves. I enjoy writing too. So it was suggested to me on multiple occasions that I should write about my experiences, story style.

By happy coincidence, one of my friends went behind my back and set up this site for me so I decided to go for it! All my travels and most of my stories will be up here soon, one way or another. Along with a bunch of fictional stories I end up writing here and there.

Anyway, next on my bucket-list is to visit 25 countries by the time I turn 25…

18 down and 4 years to go! Wish me luck.