What He Said

My driver drove slowly, while I stood surveying my men at the back. As I passed, each regiment raised their right hand in a perfect salute. I smiled to myself. This was it. This was perfection to the highest degree. How could anyone hope to beat this invincible force of power? I saluted back forcefully, eager to show the men that I appreciated their loyalty, their dedication to the cause of the Fatherland. Far too long had this country suffered at the hands of others. The time had come to show the rest of the world its true power. My power.

The car finally came to a halt at the foot of stairs in front of the elevated podium. A lieutenant opened the half door for me and jumped back to attention. My entire High Command stood there at perfect attention as well, not daring to make eye contact. I walked up to them making sure to take my time. These were my people. I owned them. They were what they were because of me. It was important for them to respect that. A deathly pall had settled over the entire ground, over all the boys as I reached the top. Their crisp khaki uniforms painted a dull image with the bleak sky above them. This was a moment that could very well change the course of history, and I could feel their tension. The sound engineer was fiddling with the microphone, but jumped back almost immediately when he saw me.

“Mein Fuhrer, we are ready to broadcast.”

I nodded. The world had to hear, I had to give them a fair chance. It didn’t matter. By tomorrow they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it anyway.

I stepped over to the microphone and surveyed them again.
“My brave countrymen! Our time has arrived. The British and the French hide behind their armies and pretend that our power is insignificant. They pretend that our might is irrelevant. They know nothing of our hardship, our suffering over the last 30 years! I have done what I can to restore this great nation to its former glory. I have toiled day and night to rid ourselves of the burdens they imposed on us. But mein Freunde, no more. No more shall we follow the terms of their one-sided agreements. No more shall we remain oppressed in the land of our fathers. No! No more. For this I ask for your help. It is time to demand our respect, not ask for it. It is time, we show the world how powerful we really are. And let us show them this in the most spectacular way possible.”

“To everyone listening. Hear this. My intention, as of this moment, is to invade Poland. As we speak, my armies wait at the border ready to attack. I challenge you to stop us. The port of Danzig shall be ours by tomorrow. France will fall within the week, and Britain will follow soon after. Do not approach me with peace. Do not approach me with false treaties. Understand that this is a declaration of war and that Germany will once again claim its place at the top of this world.” I almost laughed imagining the chaos that would have just erupted in London, Paris and Moscow.

“I, today once again, lay the fate and future of the German Reich and our people in the hands of its soldiers. May God be with us.” I stepped away, raised arm perfectly level and shouted “ES LEBE DEUTSCHLAND”.

The entire stadium erupted.
“Seig Heil! Seig Heil! Seig Heil!”

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